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La huerta de la Buhaira
Among the remains of an Almohade Palace is a kiosk where you can enjoy tapas, lunch, dinner or drinks

La huerta de la Buhaira

A natural escape.


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In the park next to the neomudéjar garden Buhaira on which are the remains of an old Almohade palace is the garden, the kiosk-Bar Huerta of the Buhaira owes its name to the history of the park when the reign of Al-Motamid decide ancient dry lake (in Arabic, al-buhaira) would be a new space. Botanists of the Muslim Seville then turned the area into a series of gardens recreation where they experiment with different crop species.

In 1999 the area was restored, creating a large urban Muslim-style gardens of 35,000 square meters and the set will be declared of Cultural Interest. Since that year a small kiosk, previously used as a carpentry in the days when the land belonged to the Jesuit houses ORCHARD, is the family's gazebo park Buhaira that was uninterrupted for twelve years and after four year hiatus from the month of May 2015 have returned it to run.

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